Monday, February 19, 2007

The Inaugaral Blog

Selamat Datang!!

Having arrived in Singapore on Feb. 16 (or technically the 17th) it has taken us a while to begin blogging our experiences. Never fear, however, because now the blog is up with a vengeance.
While I expect other entries will include slightly more detailed accounts of our experiences, I will just begin with the basics.

Our fearless leader thus far has been Dr. Dan who seems to have perfected the art of life in Singapore. We have used both the bus system and the MRT ((metro or subway for those of you who dont habol espanol) to explore the wonders of Singapore. Activities thus far have included celebrating the Chinese New Year in Chinatown on the night of Feb. 17, touring the NEWater facility, a night safari, a 10 km hike with the "brisk walkers" through a small section of rainforest that serves as one of the numerous (~14) catchment areas for rainwater in Singapore, a hike to the highest point in Singapore, a boat trip out to Sister's Island to explore a tidal pool, and a fair amount of individual exploring. Portions of the group has visited Little India, Haw Paw Villa Park, Raffle Square, several hawker stands and dining establishments sampling local tucker, East Coast Park, and 7/11 at regular intervals for supplies.

Dr. Orbach should be joining us tomorrow to round out "the gang" (or "Ais Kachang" as I will refer to them) at an even dozen travelers. When the entire group is assembled the REAL fun can begin, but, as previously stated, I am sure others in the gang will be flocking to internet cafes throughout Singapore to share the experiences of the last few days and the days to come in much greater detail. And, if you are really lucky, we might even try to add another picture or two for your viewing pleasure (ooooo ahhhhh).

Until then,
Ais Kachang!!


Dr. Dan said...

Dear Ais Kachang,
Your fluency is impressive. I can't wait until you post video and pictures of an eel choking on an octopus. Reminded me of one of our colleagues timidly sampling Newater. "tastes sweet".

Colonel said...

Orbach arrived on the 20th, and is trying to catch up with the crowd! Wait until you see the pictures of the ladies with the python and scorpions...